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Who We Are.

Video About Our Story

The video briefly presents the missions we have and how we want to help. We also show how we see the foundation’s proper functioning. The Doctor Zone Foundation is 100% non-profit. It means that 100% of money from donors is transferred 100% for a given purpose.

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It is very important for us to make visible progress and achieve the goal in a short time.


We transfer 100% of funds directly to the set goals. We want to bring help where it is needed and change the world for the better, not pretend we are helping.


Ultimately, the foundation is to achieve goals all over the world.

What we do and how we work

We identify challenges that can be solved at the global level, and then we scale solutions at the local level.
We solve critical problems in six areas of the program. Our global Department of Health strives to reduce inequities in health by developing new tools and strategies to equalize and access healthcare, doctors, wherever you live.

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Meet The Team

Grzegorz Kawa
Organization Founder

Founder of the Doctor Zone Foundation, Volunteer, acting as the President of the Board, Active in the medical industry since 2010.

Bartosz Ceglarek

Media, Advertising, Copywriter, Socialmedia


Q1 Small team & big challenges ?



Quality counts, not quantity, our possibilities are not small and we are still growing, we care about efficiency, we set small and big goals for ourselves but we want to achieve results in a short time. Our team is joined by appropriate people, including volunteers from around the world. We’re still growing and we’re getting stronger! To help more! Join us!




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