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The global Doctor.Zone portal aims to equalise medical standards worldwide

The money raised will be allocated to:

– create materials in the local languages of each country where Doctor.Zone is available (248 countries),

– pay for qualified legal advisors, translators, etc., in each country

– create detailed software implementation strategies for each country

– prepare market analyses and regional recommendations for rollout, taking account of local legal and regulatory requirements.

– support selection of optimal location, in consideration of national requirements
– determine appropriate business legal status for each country

– support establishing the branch, company or liaison office
– analysise local regulations and support their adoption (in English or local language, as required)

– enable preparation of necessary documentation and support services

– optimize workflows.


We aim to change the world for the better, with particular focus on low- and middle-income countries

“We want nothing less than to create a better world. This is just the beginning!”

Grzegorz Kawa, Founder or Doctor.Zone

All monies will be spent on delivering improved health outcome. The more money that is donated, the faster we can achieve the Foundation’s goals and the greater impact we can have.


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