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“You killed my wife, kill me,” says the despairing widower, to President Maduro, whose wife died in the hospital.
Because it is difficult to imagine it, but there were neither doctors nor medicines in it.

The dramatic situation in which the inhabitants of Venezuela are shown shows what is missing:


water, electricity, food, special nutrients for starving children,

cleaning products, personnel, medicine, air conditioning,

It is difficult to describe the conditions in the Venezuelan hospitals.
Intensive care unit is crowding, dirt, unbearable heat.
no air conditioning, shocking stories of people.

Example of Natalia who at the beginning of March gave birth to a daughter, afraid to give her name. The girl is not calm, feverish, doctors suspect meningitis, but they have no way to check and investigate.

Many children die, hunger prevails like in concentration camps.

X-ray laboratories and laboratories have not been working for months,

Furious doctors are helpless, they say that everything is missing: medicines, dressings, specialist nutrients for starving children,
Without electricity and water, there are no basic hygiene rules!

Such conditions prevail in many Venezuelan hospitals.

Desperate doctors feel like during the war.
They do not have to deal with sudden cases, they constantly improvise.

Doctors do not want to show faces, are afraid of being dismissed, and even arrested for revealing conditions in hospitals

Every day is getting worse,

The health care system in Venezuela has completely broken down.

“Ask mothers whose children are dying in hospital beds because there is no medicine and they can not help it.”

Hospitals are becoming one of the most dramatic fronts of the war for the authorities in Venezuela.

Desperate residents block the streets, come out with one basic demand:
“we are hungry, teachers are hungry, patients are dying, enough already, enough already!”

The country is in ruins, people do not have food, they do not have medicine.



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