Education and awareness

Let's change the world together for the better.

Who can apply the program?

All schools and teachers. If you have a bachelor’s degree, several years of professional experience and you are interested in long-term volunteering offers in your country or others, you may be eligible to participate in the DZF Volunteer program. It is a joint DZF program that recruits volunteers for various tasks. Application procedures and information are available on the website. Doctor.Zone Foundation recruits volunteers directly. Cooperation opportunities are offered only through the website

What is the benefits?

One of the most important areas of activity is education and shaping the awareness of children and youth. DZF’s cooperation with educational institutions takes place at several levels.

First of all, our main mission is to support children’s education and awareness where it is needed. Opening schools, equipping them with furniture and teaching aids, thus giving young people a chance for a better life in the future. We are changing the world for the better.

We invite teachers, all schools, kindergartens, community centers and other institutions to participate in our projects.

We offer you actions related to the subject of global and intercultural education, and also children’s rights and children’s safety.

If you are interested in long-term cooperation with DZF, we invite you to join the DZF Schools Club. It is an initiative that brings together schools and teachers interested in propagating the idea of ​​a healthy lifestyle and education among their pupils. More information about the DZF School Club can be found on the DZF.

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ONLINE Volunteering

The DZF Online Volunteer Program contributes to peace and development through volunteering around the world. Internet volunteering allows organizations and volunteers to work together to meet the challenges of sustainable development – anywhere in the world, from any device. Internet volunteering is fast, easy – and above all effective. When skilled, committed people join forces in the network with large organizations working towards sustainable development goals, everyone wins. Join us by completing the form!

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How To Apply?

Step 1: Fill in the form

Fill out the form giving your real personal details, name of the school / institution, address and contact, completing the form you accept the rules of the foundation and the privacy policy.

Step 2: Attach documents

Attach the confirmation of the school's director / institution, attach your CV (Filling the formula here) attach your current photo, certificates and qualifications, Thanks to this we will be able to use your potential as best as possible.

Step 3: Send the form

By submitting the form to DZF, you accept the terms and privacy policy. The verification process takes 30 days.

Step 4: Confirmation

 An email confirming your eligibility and joining the international team of Doctor Zone volunteers will come to your email address. Welcome to our Doctor Zone team !.