Foundation’s goals:

-alignment of the standard of medical services around the world.
-creating and facilitating access to a doctor and medical help
-opening and facilitating access to medical products and medical equipment
-bringing technology and medicine closer to people.
-creation of access to the doctor of each specialization regardless of the place of residence.
-creating access to new technologies and medicine regardless of where you live.
-promoting and advertising access to new technologies and medical services.
-promoting and advertising modern medical equipment.
-100% of your funds will be donated to your goals. (including at least 20% on medicine)
legal assistance to the injured
-initiating, supporting and financing projects concerning the implementation of new technologies in the field of medicine;
-helping people who are waiting for expensive or difficult medical treatments, including life-saving ones,
-undertaking and supporting activities in the field of dissemination of preventive care, protection and promotion of health, promotion and organization of volunteering,
-rescue and protection of life,
-organizing and financing the purchase of specialist medical equipment and medicines necessary to save children’s health and lives
-financing of treatment and rehabilitation of people
-supporting the development of innovative technologies related to the development of medicine, -health protection and saving lives.



1.1. The “Doctor Zone Foundation” based in Świdnica, hereinafter referred to as “Foundation”, acts on the basis of the Statute and entry of the Register of Associations, Other Social and Professional Organizations, the Foundation and Independent Public Health Care Institutions of the National Court Register under No. 000732454 kept by the District Court for Wrocław-Fabryczna in Wrocław, 9th Commercial Department of the National Court Register

1.2. These regulations, hereinafter referred to as the “Regulations”, define the Foundation’s foundations and objectives, types, sources and methods of assistance provided by the Foundation, as well as obligations to inform the Foundation about the beneficiaries. The Regulations also specify the rules for disbursement and handling of financial resources as well as the rules for using funds collected on the sub-account of the client within 1%.


2.1. The aim of the Foundation is to help mentees in the scope indicated in the Statute, related to health protection and saving lives, providing help to people waiting for expensive or difficult medical treatments, including life saving, undertaking and supporting activities in the field of dissemination of health prevention, health protection and promotion, promotion and organization of volunteering, rescue and protection of life, organization and financing of the purchase of specialist medical equipment and medicines necessary to save children’s health and life, and financing treatment and rehabilitation of people in Polish and foreign centers and facilities in the implementation of statutory objectives. Supporting the development of innovative technologies related to the development of medicine, health protection and saving lives.

2.2. The Foundation collects funds for the purposes specified in point 2.1. and expends them in accordance with these Regulations and the Statute.

2.3. Collection and spending of funds takes place in accordance with the applicable regulations, in particular the Act of 6 April 1984 on foundations, the Act of 14 March 2014 on the principles of conducting public collections, the Act of 24 April 2003 on public benefit activities and voluntary work and the Act of 12 March 2004 on social assistance, as well as the Statute of the Foundation and these Regulations.

2.4. The subject of assistance is support, including financial support, in the following areas:
a) treatment and rehabilitation not covered by health insurance;
b) specialist treatment directly related to saving lives and health, including domestic and foreign operational procedures that are not refundable on general terms;
c) stay in a rehabilitation stay, including the stay of one guardian – in the case of children or a person who in the judgment on disability has the necessity to help a third person;
d) purchase of specialty drugs, prostheses, rehabilitation equipment, other materials and sanitary measures, which are necessary for life and health in the part not covered by refund by social insurance institutions or PFRON.

e) initiating, supporting and financing projects concerning the implementation of new technologies in the field of medicine;


3.1. The Foundation’s income may come, in particular from:
a) all asset transfers (including donations, inheritances and bequests) made to the Foundation,
b) subsidies, donations and subsidies,
c) income from promotional campaigns, public collections, events organized by the Foundation,
d) profit from investments in banks and capital market institutions,
e) financial operations.
3.2. Funds from public collections, donations of natural and legal persons as well as other forms of statutory activity of the Foundation intended to support a specific project are 100% transferred to this initiative, any surplus of funds raised is transferred to the implementation of another project related to the same geographical area. Depending on the sector of action – campaign, the amount of funds collected, the foundation may diversify activities for the other purpose of the foundation. The Foundation does not charge any commission.
3.3. All administrative costs are covered by the Foundation’s resources.


4.1 A volunteer may be any person aged 18 to 75, regardless of their skills and knowledge. The foundation will adapt the tasks to the person’s predispositions.

4.2. In some cases, the candidate will be required to act as a volunteer, if required by a given task, to present a medical certificate regarding the state of health and the ability to perform a given task (eg a foreign trip).

4.3. In the case of a desire to travel abroad, the candidate for a volunteer is obliged to undergo compulsory vaccinations, which should be confirmed with an appropriate certificate.

4.4. The volunteer should follow the legal order and customs in force at the place where the assistance is being carried out. In its conduct, the Volunteer is guided by the principles of respect for human dignity, all manifestations of racism, xenophobia, sexism or other disrespectful behavior will result in the Foundation’s deprivation of volunteer status and the costs of participation in the Foundation’s work.

4.5. Expressing the will to become a volunteer, you consent to the transmission of your personal data in a scope that is beyond the European Economic Area for the purpose / purpose. In the case of transfer of personal data to a third country, the Foundation undertakes to provide them with protection no less than in the area of ​​the EEA.

5.1. The Foundation has funds raised as described in point 3 on the principles of full transparency, taking into account the provisions of these Regulations.

5.2. The Foundation publishes on its website, not less than once a quarter, information on the amount of funds raised and their purpose for specific purposes of the foundation.

6.1. Decisions on issues related to providing assistance are made by the Foundation’s Management Board.
6.2. The Management Board makes decisions on the basis of interviews conducted and described earlier, prepared in writing by documentary filmmakers.

6.3. The Foundation does not provide financial assistance to persons requesting financial loans.
6.4. The Foundation does not provide financial assistance to persons requesting repayment of their debts: bank, credit, housing cooperatives.

6.5. The Foundation does not provide long-term financial assistance for the broadly understood improvement of the living situation, with the exception of one-time situations that can be documented, eg by invoice / invoice before considering the application.

6.6. All applications with requests for help must be directed to the Children’s Athletes Foundation only in writing (letter, mail) to the Foundation’s correspondence address.

6.7. On the basis of the letter, the Foundation’s Board makes initial decisions. In response, we send a refusal or send us documents that are necessary to organize and provide assistance. The required documents should be sent to the following address: Fundacja Doctor Zone, ul. Armii Krajowej 7, 58-100 Świdnica, Poland or by e-mail to the following address:

6.8. The Foundation considers requests for financial assistance only from entities or persons who will provide a set of required documents. In special cases, the Foundation reserves the right to ask for additional documents due to the nature of the application or the manner in which the Foundation provides help in a given case.

6.9. In the case of an application for co-financing the purchase of medical equipment, rehabilitation, etc., the Foundation reserves the right to request a pro forma invoice already at the stage of collecting documentation and in case of granting co-financing, to pay the funds only to the seller of the equipment etc. The Foundation may designate another entity that has an equivalent equipment at a better price.

6.10. In special cases which are not described above, the Foundation reserves the right to provide assistance on the changed rules set at the board meeting.

6.11. The Foundation reserves the right to refuse assistance, even from the letter and from the documentation of the applicant, that all the conditions set out in the statute and regulations have been met.

6.12. All requests addressed to the Foundation will be considered only after sending the signed document on consent to the processing of personal data at the address: Fundacja Doctor Zone, ul. Armii Krajowej 7, 58-100 Świdnica, Poland


7.1. The Foundation is active in support of campaigns or mentees, acquiring donors and sponsors.

7.2. The Foundation undertakes that cash collected during collection on the bank account of a given public collection assigned to a given purpose or mentor on the basis of the transfer title will be allocated to the ward in accordance with the contract with the ward or for a specific purpose.

7.3. Information on the amount of donations made to the ward will be provided on an ongoing basis on the Foundation’s website. In accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation of 27 April 2016 (Journal of Laws UE L 119 of 04.05.2016), the Foundation does not share personal data of donors.

7.4. The Foundation sends a written thank-you way to the donors and sponsors of funds for the beneficiary of the Foundation on behalf of the mentor, his / her parents / legal guardians and his / her own.

7.5. The Foundation does not guarantee assistance in the entire amount requested.

7.6. All activities aimed at collecting cash using the name of the Foundation and / or logo must be conducted in consultation with the Foundation, and funds collected by entities using the name of the Foundation and / or logo must be credited to the foundation’s account on a date agreed individually with the given entity.

7.7. As soon as all the necessary amount has been collected for a given purpose, the Foundation places relevant information on its website.

7.8. If, despite the official completion of the collection, further payments for a specific action take place, they will be distributed to the statutory purposes of the Foundation, if possible implemented in the same area of ​​operation.

7.9. Invoices and invoices on the basis of which financial assistance is provided must be issued to the Foundation.

7.10. The Foundation pays out funds in accordance with the agreement concluded with the beneficiary in order to implement a specific action.

7.11. The funds transferred to the Foundation’s bank account without identifying the addressee are recorded as income of the Foundation and are intended for statutory activities of the Foundation.

7.12. Assigning a nameless donation to the given purpose for which the funds were to be booked may only take place after the donor has confirmed in writing that the payment was intended for the implementation of a specific action / goal.

7.13. In the case of payments made with an indication of the implementation of the action for which the Foundation does not collect financial resources, the Foundation will transfer these funds for its statutory purposes.

7.14. The decision to carry out financial operations and the date of their implementation for a given measure / objective is taken by the Foundation’s Management Board.


8.1. Beneficiaries as well as parents / guardians of the ward or the ward themselves are obliged to inform the Board of the Foundation about any changes concerning their place of residence and means of contact.

8.2. Beneficiaries as well as parents / guardians of the ward or the ward themselves are obliged to maintain regular contact with the Foundation in order to obtain information about the possibility of providing assistance.

8.3. Beneficiaries as well as parents / guardians of the ward or the ward themselves are obliged to immediately inform the Foundation about meeting the needs of the ward from sources other than the Foundation.

8.4. On the parents / legal guardians / the person to whom the assistance is provided is obliged to inform the Foundation on a current basis about the course of treatment or rehabilitation. Such information should be sent by post or e-mail with co

the least two photos of a child documenting the course of rehabilitation or treatment (including photos with purchased medical equipment). In the event of failure to comply with this obligation, the Foundation has the right to withhold assistance, and also demand a refund from the person whose support has been given, support already provided, along with all costs related to it.


7.1. The service allows logging into a dedicated part of the account where, depending on the purpose specified in the agreement, payments are made for a specific purpose or person, hereinafter referred to as the “Sub-account”.

7.2. The beneficiary of the Sub-Account is the beneficiary of the Foundation for whom it was founded on the basis of a separate agreement or a specific purpose for which funds are collected.

7.3. Funds shown on Sub-accounts come from donors.

7.4. Login to the Sub-account takes place via the website at: using the PESEL number and password.

7.5.Logging to the Sub-Account enables access to information on the status of a given sub-account for a given settlement month, which status is updated once a month until the 10th day following the settlement month.


8.1. The Newsletter is sent cyclically and indefinitely via online e-mail in the form of an e-mail to the Recipient’s address and contains up-to-date information on the Foundation’s activities and promotional materials encouraging cooperation with the Foundation.

8.2. Everyone who uses the Newsletter service is its recipient and deciding to use the service confirms to read the regulations and agrees to its use.

8.3. Subscribing to the service of using the Newsletter is voluntary. It is done by registering the e-mail address on the Foundation’s website at, clicking the confirmation button and accepting the activation link sent to the e-mail address provided by the Recipient.

8.4. The activation code will be valid for 10 days. After this time has elapsed without accepting the link to use the Newsletter, it is necessary to register again on the website.

8.5. To use the newsletter it is mandatory to provide an e-mail address. In order to receive the newsletter, you need a device with Internet access and an active e-mail address.

8.6. The e-mail address may be registered only once. Re-registration is possible only after prior cancellation of the service.

8.7. Resignation from the service is possible at any time and is done by clicking the link placed under each message sent as part of the Newsletter.

The website allows you to make online payments to the Foundation in order to support its statutory activities.

Online payments are handled by the online payment service. Redirecting to is done by clicking the appropriate link on the Website.
All debts must be expressed in PLN (PLN)
As part of online payment, you can make payments by the following methods:
-Bank transfer
– credit or debit card (list of cards at
Details of transactions made are included in the PayPal regulations available at:
You must specify a currency, or that it will be converted into a specific currency according to nbp rates.


The Foundation reserves the right to amend these regulations.
1. The invalidity of one of the provisions of the regulations shall not affect the validity of the other provisions.
2. The Foundation is not responsible for interruptions in access to the Website.
3. The Foundation has the right to discontinue any of the above-mentioned forms.
4. Complaints regarding the functioning of the above-mentioned forms should be addressed in the contact form. They will be considered within 21 days of delivery.